Our Purpose

To encourage and facilitate the process of creating an immersive and transformative learning experience for the users.

Bitnet MEDT Inc offers e-learning & multimedia development services globally and locally in Canada. Our main expertise is in financial industry & higher education. We specialize in custom online, mobile responsive design and game-based learning solutions. We use latest & proven technology and we are well versed with privacy needs of global financial institutions. Our founder comes with an extensive background in financial and academic industry and counts RBC Bank of Canada, HSBC, CPA Canada, KPMG, Scotia Bank, Centennial College, McMaster University and many others in her work portfolio. If you are looking for a trusted & reliable e-Learning provider for your learning needs, get in touch.

What Is E-Learning ?

E-learning, or electronic learning, is a form of education or training that utilizes electronic technologies to deliver educational materials and instructions to learners. Instead of attending traditional classroom-based sessions, learners can access online courses and educational resources through digital devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones.

E-learning may include various types of media such as video lectures, audio recordings, interactive simulations, virtual classrooms, online assessments, and discussion forums. It can be self-paced or instructor-led, synchronous or asynchronous, and can be used for formal education as well as professional development and training.

Who we are?

A team of tech savvy professionals, passionate about education with world wide experience working with some of the leading providers of professional and academedic qualifications.

What we do ?

We develop learning for an online environment, including blended learning solutions and we produce multimedia to enhance the learning experience.


McMaster University, Swiss VBS, TrainingFolks, RyleyLearning, XPAN International, BTS group, IOV XRP.

Our Services

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Keeping up to date with trends, we laverage experience and knowledge to help you make wise decisions when choosing the platform and ways to best facilitate your learning. We provide services for a variety of your needs.

e-Learning Development

We create and deliver learning assets for online, mobile and blended environment, enhancing flexibility of the learning process. We provide end to end solutions with the offer that will meet your needs, time frame and available budget.

Multimedia production showing multiple screens and devices.

Multimedia Production

Use multimedia to augment learning material and bring it to life. We record and produce variety of multimedia content. Compelling storytelling, audio and video will bring your learning to life, making it more engaging and memorable.

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